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At Easy-Cad Oy we are committed to observing environmental legislation
and other statutory regulations in force.

We know the main environmental effects of our operations
and constantly aim at developing our production methods to decrease
the burden our activities cause the environment in the future.

We use modern high-quality technology to be able to reduce
the harmful effects on the environment. In the use of energy we aim at high cost efficiency,
in production we go for materials and chemicals that are environmentally friendly.
Our objective is that the measures taken are effective from the environmental
protection point of view and yet incur only reasonable costs and are feasible in practical work.

We believe that environmental awareness is an integral part of expertise today.
Our staff are trained so that they are able to perform their duties bearing
environmental responsibility in mind. We tell our customers and partners
about our environmental matters and also take their wishes into consideration.
We inform our subcontractors and require that their operations are in compliance
with our environmental policy.

We are committed to complying with this environmental policy in all our operations.