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Laser-cut solder paste and glue stencils
We use our own stencil cutter to produce glue and solder paste stencils.
Ordinary photo printing files can be used for production process.
Our normal delivery time is three working days but we can meet
shorter delivery times as well –at its shortest two hours can be enough.

Materials used, Stainless Steel (AISI 304)

0,02 mm
0,03 mm
0,04 mm
0.05 mm
0,06 mm
0,07 mm
0,08 mm

0.10 mm

0.12 mm 

0.13 mm

0.15 mm

0.18 mm 

0.20 mm 

0.25 mm

0.30 mm

0.40 mm

0.50 mm

Stencil specification
cutting area 710x600 mm
aperture size tolerance < 60 µm
aperture location tolerance < 60 µm
aperture minimum size 120 µm
aperture cut minimum width 40 µm
Fiducial marks and identifying data can be engraved on stencil's lower surface


Stencil frames

We can also supply our stencils attached to a frame that fits your printing machine.
We stock some standard stencil frames and others we can have delivered to us at short notice.
Please ask.

If requested we can fill the mesh not covered by the stencil sheet with two-component epoxy paint.
The paint prevents solvents from running through the stencil edges during
the printing machine cleaning cycle, which keeps the printing machine cleaner.